Apr 14th WulfHosting


We are closing. All current servers will stay up, but we will not be activating any more servers. Please do not purchase any other servers/add-ons for existing servers. Continuously make backups of your files to avoid corruption.

Aug 3rd Server Downtime

We are aware that Daemon 2 is down, and are working on the issue. Please be patient as we resolve the issue and get the servers back up and running.

Mar 15th Coupon for March 2017

Coupon: Use marchmadness2017 up until the 3rd to get 15% off the first month!

Jan 24th Node 8

Good afternoon,

Unfortunately, there has been an outage with Node 8. It should return to normal within 24-48 hours. 

If you have any questions about this outage, please feel free to open up a ticket, or chat with us on LiveChat.

Kind Regards,
WulfHosting Staff Team

Dec 11th Kansas City Transfers

Hello,This is a notice that we are moving budget servers currently hosted in the US, Kansas City nodes over to our US, New York nodes due to an issue that occurred earlier this month with our data centre supplier.We assure you that this is a completely necessary step in order to protect your servers and hard work. Earlier this month our data ... Read More »

Nov 25th Server Transfers 26th

This is a special one.

On Nov. 26st we will be moving BUDGET clients to different nodes. This is a performance package, meant to increase general tickrate and speed.

Kind Regards,
WulfHosting Staff

Nov 25th Unfortunate decisions

After rowing with our datacentre in Kansas about a certain node, they decided to cancel it and wipe the drives. We all understand how this negatively affects you and are offering those who are were on US-Node2 to receive full refunds. Unfortunately the datacenter drives being wiped prevents us from sending you files.We see this as unacceptable ... Read More »

Aug 12th Two Factor Authentication

We are very happy to introduce a new security measure to prevent any intrusions to your account, two factor authentication!Frequently Asked Questions:Q: What is two-factor authentication?A: Two-factor authentication is the use of two systems to ensure you are the person logging in to your account. The first factor is the password, which you ... Read More »

Jun 23rd The end of /multicraft and /billing

We have now sunset wulfhosting.com/billing and wulfhosting.com/multicraft

Please use




Jun 17th Transferring Web Servers - June 17th

On June 17th, Wulf Hosting will be transferring to a new web server that will increase loadspeeds on the site, and the panel. We expect no more than 5 hours of downtime today. During this time you will not be able to access WHMCS, and the Multicraft Control Panel.